What is a Business Credit Card?

A business credit card is similar to credit cards which every individual uses in his or her day to day life. But the difference is that in case of a business credit card, the credit card holder may be both business & the person owning the business where in standard credit cards the credit card holder is the person himself. It basically functions as a source of capital for a business whether small, medium or large. It is especially helpful for new businesses. It can be used to meet all kinds of business expenses that a businessman may face while doing his day to business work. But before getting his hand on a business credit card a person has to do the following to avoid any unnatural debt accumulation:

• Trace the source of money for regular debt payment.
• Estimation of affordable limit of debt. The limit must be kept realistic.
• Payment of an amount which is more than the minimum monthly limit on debt payment to avoid gradual accumulation of outstanding debt.

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