Top Malware of Android OS

Android is the most popular OS in touchscreen handsets today. Because of so many downloadable apps in many sources, Android devices are much prone to viruses, worms, and malware. Here are the most common malware in Android OS.

  1. Android.Trojan.SMSSend – Malware that send SMS messages are still rampant and the Trojan SMSSend is one of those. It sends random SMS messages to premium rate numbers, racking up user’s carrier bills.
  2. Android/MarketPay.A – This is a money-stealing malware that runs in the background and has the ability to purchase applications without the users consent. This malware requires to be intentionally installed in the device. That’s why users should never install apps from un-trusted or unknown android markets.
  3. Android.Trojan GingerMaster – This malware uses software against Android 2.3 and comes with applications that attract unsuspecting users. When the infected handset is restarted, the malware is launched in the background and airs the device’s phone numbers, IDs and other internal information by uploading them in a control server.
  4. Android.Trojan.FakeDoc – This malware can download more malware and cause more damage to the files. Manual detection and deletion of Trojan.FakeDoc isn’t recommended, for it could further damage the handset’s system. It would be best for your Android system to make use of legitimate and reliable anti-spyware apps to totally remove Trojan.Fakedoc.
  5. Android.Trojan.FakeInst – This malware deceives the users into believing that they are installing a legitimate application. It constantly changes its file size and icon to escape detection and deletion. Android.Trojan.FakeInst is commonly detected in popular games such as Bejeweled, Asphalt6, Doodle Jump and others. Furthermore, this malware accumulate personal information and displays advertisements at the same time.