The Secrets to Getting the Best Flight Deals in the U.S.

The most ideal months to visit the U.S. are January and February. Airfares drop during these months since the Christmas season is already over and people are slowly getting back to saving. Lucky are those who have not spent too much over the holidays as the Internet is overflowing with best flight deals.

Look for the latest airline buzz. Usually, budget fares pop up at any minute. To be updated with the best offers of airlines, you should shop around their websites every now and then, follow them on Twitter, and visit their Facebook page. Be alert because the best flight deals are offered only for a few hours.

Subscribe to receive email alerts. Airlines would let you sign up for free email notifications, alerts and newsletters about cheap flight deals according to your home airport. A typical domestic flight would cost around $200. However, a promo roundtrip ticket from New York to Chicago could cost as low as $54, and a one-way ticket to Florida could cost less than $100.

Know the best times to fly. While searching for the best deals, keep in mind that the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Friday and Sunday, on the other hand, are the most expensive since they are the busiest travel days for many people. The first flight of the day is also the cheapest, followed by flights during lunchtime and dinnertime.

One last tip: the best time to buy airline ticket is Tuesday at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, as rock-bottom plane tickets hit the websites.