The Secret to Facing Your Fears

It is natural to be afraid sometimes but it becomes negative if you let it control your life. The body’s mechanism when faced with something threatening is to “fight” or “flight”. In order to “fight”, you need to face your fears. If you cannot face it, you will consider “flight”. But how long will you run away from your fears? You cannot run away forever.

As early as now, you should condition yourself to face your fears so you can leave a calmer, more peaceful life. Here are things that you can do to help you with face your fears:

Identify what you really fear the most. Get a notebook or a piece of paper and write all the fears you want to get rid of. This will take time and concentration but doing this will let you label your fears, and in doing so contain it at some level.

Identify one fear you want to work on. You need to face your fears one step at a time. Identify one fear you want to work on, deal with that and move on with other fears on your list.

Adopt a calm and peaceful mindset. Set your mind to always face your fear and not to run from it. This is not easy but if you set your mind and heart to it, you will surely accomplish something.

Expose yourself gradually to what you fear. You can overcome your fear by facing it and staring it right in its eyes. This will be easier if your mind is set. For example, if you are afraid of snakes, you have to touch it so the next time you see it you will not panic.

Reward yourself at the end of the day or activity. Rewarding yourself at the end of an activity can help a lot.